Japanese love French food. The two countries, Japan and France have a lot in common, and it goes beyond the fact that Japanese love French food.
1) In both France and Japan, the locals appreciate and dwell over fine food. It’s not just for the super-wealthy or sophisticated. Quality food is important to all classes of people in both countries.
2) In both France and Japan, people embrace tradition and love modernity. The old temples and churches are as cherished as are the new angles of architecture (and technology). Old and new co-habitate and balance superbly in both countries.
3) In both France and Japan, religion “seems” to be an important part of daily life. Actually, the Japanese and French aren’t religious at all. People enjoy the rituals and traditions of religion but they do not consider themselves religious.
4) In both France and Japan, the people are generally healthy. Japan has the longest life span of any affluent country and France has some of the lowest rates of heart disease in Europe. Maintaining health is an important part of life in both countries.
5) In both France and Japan, Chef Paul Bocuse, the creator of nouvelle cuisine, and the most famous French chef of the 20th century is beloved. Bocuse, now in his late eighties, still manages his namesake restaurant in Lyon, France. You can also eat at Maison Paul Bocuse in Tokyo and I hear there is another Jardin Paul Bocuse outside of Tokyo. If you want to see him, go to Lyon for Sunday lunch. I too love Paul Bocuse, and he does appear a few times in my book.
That must be why Japan is now selling: Beyond The Mediterranean Diet: European Secrets Of The Super-Healthy.





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Beyond The Mediterranean Diet Debuts in Japan