Internationally Renowned Nutritionist Layne Lieberman Reveals Details In Her New Book

(New York, NY, October 21, 2013) – For more than two decades, Americans have followed the Mediterranean Diet for healthier living, replacing butter and beef with olive oil and seafood. Yet as a nation, rates of obesity and related illnesses are higher than ever. Even with globalization expanding the fast-food playing field outside of America, how is it that Europeans continue to have some of the highest health statistics – yet don’t deprive themselves of decadent food?

Debuting this December, Beyond the Mediterranean Diet: European Secrets of the Super-Healthy, written by award-winning registered dietitian Layne Lieberman, uncovers why Americans are losing the battle in the fight to be fit, and explains how to incorporate the European secrets of healthy eating into our grab-and-go lifestyle.

“The traditional Mediterranean diet no longer serves us in today’s modern global world where we have so many food choices, “ Lieberman says. “The secret is to know how to identify and incorporate fine food, as it is an essential part of life’s enjoyment, while practicing the dietary habits of the super-healthy European countries.“

Lieberman knows firsthand how hard it is to give up the enjoyment delicious food brings, as she was diagnosed with dangerously high cholesterol at the age of nine. But as a pre-teen, she started what would turn into a life-long pursuit, finding ways to eat healthfully and still indulge – first for herself, and then for others. Yet even after getting her graduate degree and working in the field for more than twenty-five years as an expert dietitian and nutritionist, she was still searching for answers. It wasn’t until her husband’s job brought her to Europe for two years that it clicked.

The Mediterranean Diet assumes that everything you eat is produced locally, and those living in the regions where it began didn’t have to factor in the temptations we have in our modern world, so following traditional ways of eating was much easier. When Americans were first sold on the diet in the 1990s, the essential element upon which it was based – eating more fresh foods in appropriate portions rather than rely on the convenience of what’s processed and packaged – was oversimplified and only zeroed in on individual components the diet suggested, such as swapping out one fat for another.

Lieberman went beyond this over-simplified approach to the Mediterranean Diet when she found that people in Europe’s three healthiest countries – France, Italy, and Switzerland – have learned how to have a wholesome diet that allows for eating a variety of foods, including favorites such as pasta, cheese, bread, chocolate and wine.

In six easy steps, Lieberman spells out how to adopt this healthy European approach to eating and enjoying food while staying healthy, as she shares each country’s secrets and explains the simple and straightforward rules they follow. She then provides readers with specific tools to use to incorporate these concepts into their daily lives, including:

  • An aisle-by-aisle guide on how to avoid the traps of the American supermarket
  • “Super-Healthy Plates” that show appropriate portion sizes for meals and snacks
  • A guide on how to order boldly when dining out
  • Delicious and quick European-inspired recipes, with a variety of low-fat, gluten-free and vegetarian options

“People in these countries are excellent role models for us, “ Lieberman said. “If we can change our eating habits to mirror what they do, we too will be able to leave the fad diets behind and live healthier, happier lives. “

Beyond the Mediterranean Diet: European Secrets of the Super Healthy is on pre-sale at,,,, and on Layne’s website Bookstores, including Barnes & Noble, will have books in stock by the end of December.