Don’t Waste Your Money On These 5-Foods: 

  1. Fruit-flavored yogurts (high in sugar)                                                                                                  — Instead opt for a tub of plain low-fat yogurt and add fresh fruit 
  2. Veggie chips (high in fat + calories; and low in nutrients)                                                               — Instead eat real veggies
  3. Bottled salad dressings (full of salt, sugar, processed oil + artificial ingredients)                      — Instead use cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and herbs
  4. Fresh fruit juices (high in sugar + low in fiber)                                                                                  — Instead eat fresh fruit                                                      
  5. Gluten-free foods (highly processed + expensive)                                                                           — Avoid unless you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten intolerance