Marsee Israel, RN: Puglia 2016 Culinary Travel Testimonial

How do you pack pasta making, bread making, cheese making, historic towns and local olive oils and wines into six days?  Take a trip with Passion for Puglia. This highly orchestrated tour packed in as much as we could see in six days using a continuous Italian guide, knowledgeable in history and all things Italian, along with local guides to enrich the experience.  No other tour offers more at this excellent price. Conscious effort was made to mix our hotels stays with small authentic cities, Masseria farms for the country view and the bigger historic old city of Lecce.  All hotels were four to five stars with excellent locations to experience the vast region of Puglia.Meal planning was provided at top-notch restaurants and portions were plentiful and healthy.My favorite part was learning how the locals prepare and appreciate their local organic seasonal food and ancient grains.Highly recommend this trip.