Today’s Dietitian: Beyond The Mediterranean Diet (Award winning book)

Layne Lieberman is a self-proclaimed food lover and an RD with more than 20 years of experience in the supermarket industry. Her book, Beyond The Mediterranean Diet, is a refreshing read View Full →

KIRKUS BOOK REVIEW: Beyond The Mediterranean Diet (Award winning book)

Cheese, chocolate and wine do have a place in a healthy lifestyle—that’s what this debut author and registered dietitian says we can learn from Europe’s longest-lived populations. For decades, Americans View Full →

Arline Littman: Counseling Testimonial

Hi Layne,

Not sure you will recognize and remember the names. We came to you in the Cedarhurst Center about 20 or more years ago, referred by Dr Steven Lomasky, View Full →

Marsee Israel, RN: Puglia 2016 Culinary Travel Testimonial

How do you pack pasta making, bread making, cheese making, historic towns and local olive oils and wines into six days?  Take a trip with Passion for Puglia. This highly View Full →

Lois Robbin: Puglia 2016 Culinary Travel Testimonial

Passion for Puglia changed my way of looking at food!  After spending a week learning about farm fresh vegetables, fresh pressed olive oil, homemade mozzarella cheese, fresh breads and focaccia View Full →

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