Loretta Cecconi, RD: “Passion for Puglia was an amazing trip!” Puglia 2017 Culinary Travel

Passion for Puglia was an amazing trip which provides a once in a lifetime experience for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists or for anyone who has a passion for food in the View Full →

Love This Cookbook

Love this cookbook! Many recipes are gluten free and easy to make. Have had good results with all that I have tried so far. Amazed how good things are without the added sugar! Nutritional info is given. Text on French, Swiss, Italian ways of approaching food and cooking is helpful with many hidden tips on shopping. Have also looked at Med. diet cookbooks which are more complete with full range of pasta, meat dishes, sauces, etc.; however, this is limited and arranges recipes by meal. Perfect for a single person or someone cooking for two.
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Love the Recipes from Beyond The Mediterranean Diet (Award Winning Book)

Love the Recipes from Beyond The Mediterranean Diet (Award Winning Book)

Bircher Muesli- it’s what’s for breakfast- so delicious! Finally starting the day right.

Five Stars for Beyond The Mediterranean Diet (Award Winning Book)

Excellent info and amazing recipes for healthy food!

By Amazon Customer on June 3, 2016

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Ranelle Wolf – Fine Artist and Interior Designer (Testimonial about Layne Lieberman, RD)

“Layne Lieberman is a shining light in the world of health happiness and good will, a masterpiece of a person.” — –Ranelle Wolf, Fine Artist

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