Paul Nelson: Puglia 2016 Culinary Travel Testimonial

Thanks for including me I want to compliment and thank you for putting together a wonderful and unforgettable program, you really knocked this one out of the park! I hope you can do it again and again!Our memories every step of the way are definitely keepers. The only stand out that I would have changed is dressing warmer on a couple of evenings. Yes, overall it was that good. I'm grateful to have been included. Based on my personal experience, and what I've heard from the other non-RD's, I think traveling with a mixed group is a winning formula -- at least for us non-RD's. Although we really benefited, I wouldn't want to deprive an RD from experiencing the same. Those who are educating need the Puglia encounter to get it right.Based on the trip, I'm feeling challenged on 3 fronts: 1. to enjoy expanding my minimalist food prep and cooking skills; 2. to better source farm-to-table foods, and 3. to share usable elements of that balanced Puglia/Italian lifestyle.The trip was definitely a working vacation. As such, I think the pace was necessary. I wouldn't want to have missed anything. To make more efficient use of my time I could have been more prepared. Research and communications on the fly were difficult given the poor Wi-Fi connections and busy schedule. An admonition and specific guidelines on preparedness might be helpful to the next group. I chose that word 'admonition' because impossibly busy as we tend to be before travel, I tend to have a care for admonitions (Attenzione!). Had I downloaded and opened the app, it might have been enough. Wish I studied it everyday for a couple weeks! The app is an awesome piece of work.Do it again!