20-something girls or anyone who wants that perfect 20-something body–check out Gabby Drucker’s Fitness Blog: Is Butter A Carb

A message from Gabby Drucker:

Hello to my fellow girls who like to sweat as much as I do!
My name is Gabby and I am an Equinox Personal Trainer as well as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I am a graduate from Lehigh University (work hard, play hard am I right), former Division 1 athlete, (shout out to all the other former athletes who decided frat parties were way more enticing) and was a member of the Freshman +/-15 weight gain club (not sure if this club actually exists but it should). I have a passion for fitness, nutrition, and let’s be real, looking fab in a bathing suit. I think girls rule and boys drool (not really true because boys are awesome) but I do believe in Girl Power. That’s right, I said it, Girl Power. We are strong, capable and smart girls and as Queen B (Beyoncé, duh) always says, “Who runs the world, Girls!” So stick around if you want to hear my quirky rants, pick up some healthy food tips, and learn how to train like a girl!

A Sample of Gabby’s Blog (Summer 2015):

Namaste Biatches 

Summer time is a tiring time for my legs, or polkies as my parents describe them (I am 95% that the term polkies means chubby thighs in the Yiddish language) You know the term “suns out guns out”, I think of it more as “suns out entire body needs to get tan”. Because of this, in the summertime I prefer to avoid the gym like a bad habit and run outside daily. Though it took me a while (and a few trips to the knee doctor) I am now fully a believer in mixing up my workouts, as doing the same thing every day will negatively affect your body. Hot yoga is arguably my favorite alternative to running. I sweat out my body weight in water, actually stretch for once (don’t judge me people) and my favorite part of it all, I get to say Namaste and not seem like a tool for saying it. For anyone thinking yoga is not a workout, my rapid heart rate and shaking limbs would beg to differ. Many hot yoga studios also offer variations of classes, some including weights, pilates moves, and other tortures to whip your body into shape. 

My friends will probably laugh when I say this, but I think spinning is another great way to exercise without completely obliterating your knees. The first time I “found my soul”, or attempted to, (if your not up on the lingo I am referring to the uber trendy workout fad called Soul Cycle) I went with a bunch of my friends and couldn’t get out of there fast enough. I am a very athletic person (not to toot my own horn but I did play D1 tennis for a hot sec) but during this class I have never felt more uncoordinated in my life. There were various times where I thought I was going to catapult myself off the bike, specifically during the “push-ups”, as well as times where I felt humiliated that I was seemingly the only one in the class who could not move their legs and arms at the same time to the beat of the Taylor Swift song playing. By the time that first class ended I ran out of that studio with my dignity and soul left behind. Months later I decided there is clearly a reason why so many people love Soul Cycle, including the Victoria Secret models, so I put on my trendiest LuLu Lemon outfit and signed up for another class. I hate myself for saying this, but I think I found my soul. Although feeling only slightly less uncoordinated, I left the class drenched in sweat and my entire body was shaking with exhaustion. Biking outside is another great form of exercise that will truly make your thighs burn and wouldn’t hurt your tan. Try to ride on both flat and hilly terrain, that way your butt and thighs have to work! There are so many ways to mix up your workouts, but the most important part is to shock your system. Your body will plateau if you do the same thing every day, so whether it be running, spinning, or becoming Gumby at hot yoga, change it up!

Gabby’s website offers free videos with some killer work-outs. I love Gabby because she is an awesome trainer and the most REAL – down-to-earth girl you’ll ever meet!